Tutoring Options for Students


HARMONY:  Teachers post their assigments on the website

TUTOR STUDY HALL:  We have a separate Study Hall for our special students. Our Special Ed. Dept. helps to decide placement of these students.

STUDY HALL/TEACHER PREP: Our teachers allow their students to come to their classroom for help during their prep time and the student's Study Hall.

TEACHER/TEACHER COOPERATION: Our teachers work together, if the student's Study Hall and teacher's planning does not correlate then they try to work out a time for the student to come from another class.

AUDITING THE CLASS DURING ANOTHER PERIOD: If a student's Study Hall and their class of need is the same period, they are allowed to sit in on the class again.

SMALL GROUPS ALLOWED TO COME TO THE CONFERENCE ROOM: We allow some of the "serious" students that REALLY need help to come to the office and we place them into the ISS room if empty or conference room.

PEER TUTORING: The National Honor Society holds tutoring every Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:20 to 4:00, starting August 25, 2008

CALL THE TEACHER AT HOME: Many teachers encourage their students to call them at home if they need help.

GUIDANCE WORKERS: Our Guidance workers are asked to help tutor others during their time with Guidance.

PRIVATE TUTORS: Upon request, our Guidance Department will try to provide a list of these individuals

OUR TEACHER'S AVAILABILITY: Our teachers make themselves available either before school or after school depending on their schedules. They work the time out with the student.

ROSE-HULMAN (ASK ROSE): 1-877-275-7673, this is a  toll free number that students can call between 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm for Math and Science help.

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