Day 3 of the 2013 Outdoor Education Trip
A-frame shelterhouse at Lake Lilly. Project Group 1 Project Group 2 Project Group 3 Project Group 4 Project Group 5 Project Group 6 Project Group 7 Project Group 8 Project Group 9 Project Group 10 Project Group 11 Project Group 12 Lorna tried to ring the bell for the hoppers to come for breakfast but it was stuck. Mr. Schroeder was able to fix it for her. Now it is working! Much thanks to our three wonderful cooks...Cindy, Lorna, and Annissa.  The food was wonderful!! Breakfast Line: Waiting in line to eat biscuits and gravy. Breakfast Line: Breakfast Line: Breakfast Line: Breakfast Line: What a long line of campers. Breakfast Line: Breakfast: The campers file quietly in the dining hall. Breakfast: Breakfast: Breakfast: Breakfast: Thank you: Thanks to all of the staff at Happy Hollow!! Thank you: Thank you Tammy and Bernie for having us here at Happy Hollow. Thank you: Tammy and Bernie Thank you: Thanks to Chris for being the best Hopper guy with all the fun songs! Camper Group Picture Camper Group Picture: Silly High School Group Picture- Austin, Jerry, Brandon and Brianne High School Group Picture-Silly College Group Picture-Caitlyn and Amanda College Group Picture: Silly Adult Staff Group Picture Adult Staff Group Picture: Silly Mr. Schmidt collects a piece of burnt wood from the campfire to use at the campfire with next years campers. Camp Awards: Coleman won the Bubble on the Nose award. Camp Awards: Isaac won the Carl Lewis award. Camp Awards: Elijah won the 115 Bubble Taps in a Row award. Kendall won the Canoe Back-up Alarm award. Camp Awards: Lilly was the Camp Idol winner singing Camp Awards: Drew won the Polite Camper award.
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