Day 1 of the 2014 Outdoor Education Trip
Unloading the campers gear before they arrive. The campers arrive and are so excited! The campers searched through the lines of gear until they found theirs. Once they found their gear they headed to the cabin to unpack. The campfire area is where the campers gathered to eat lunch. The group of campers this year is the smallest we have ever had. After eating their lunch the campers got a fudge bar or popsicle for dessert. These guys really enjoyed their desserts! A great picture of the entire group as they were eating. The staff had a meeting to review the rules as they ate lunch. Mrs. Renneker goes over the rules with the staff. After eating lunch the campers entered the dining hall for a meeting with Mr. Schmidt. One of their duties at camp is to sign up to be a Station 4 is the Moon Phase station.  Mrs. Martin discusses the different phases of the moon. Students take turns looking into a box that shows them what the different phases of the moon looks like when a flashlight is shined it it. Mrs. Taurman, Mrs. Ness, and Mrs. Martin shine flashlights into the boxes as the campers look in. Station 10 is the Bubble station and it is a favorite of the campers because they can blow lots of bubbles and learn about surface tension. It is exciting when you can push a small car into the bubble that you just blew and it not pop! Body size bubbles are fun to make as well! Mrs. Voyles, Mrs. Camm, and Mrs. Morin shined black light flashlights as the campers were blowing bubbles to make them glow. A great shot of a bubble glowing under the black light! Dalton had a bubble burst on his forehead and its remains can be seen under the black light. At Station 7 the campers learn about the parts of flowers by dissecting real flowers. Mrs. Smith discusses the differnt parts with the campers. After dissecting the flowers the campers got to make their own tissue paper flower. The campers learn about what owls eat at Station 3. Mrs. Hood looks over the campers as they try to determine what kind of animal the owl has eaten by dissecting the owl pellet. The campers match the bones they found in the owl pellet to those on a list to figure out what type of small animal the bines were from. Station #5: Zip Line
Noah glides across backwards. Dalen eases across the gully! Tucker glides across the gully. Allison makes doing the zip line look effortless! ...but needs a little help from Mrs. Schneider to get up the hill. Cody S. made his way across the gully. ...and he needed a little help from Mr. Walker to get up the hill. Cody L. took his turn on the zip line. Jennifer did a great job zipping across the gully. Nicole did a great job as well! Chloe was the last to go and made zipping across the guly look easy. Chloe taking a running start on the way back. Our senior girl campers getting ready to do the zip line. Coming in upside down. Kendra zips across. Kendall makes her way across. Reagan takes her turn on the zip line. At station 8 - Minerals the campers learn to identify different minerals. Dakota takes a moment to relax. The campers do tests on the minerals to determine its characteristics and help them identify it. Blake does a great job working with the minerals. At the Microscopic Investigation station the campers learn about the parts of a microscope. Reagan shows the campers a model of a plant cell.
Kendra shows the campers how to put the pond water on a slide. Ms.Janes watches as the campers try to find living organisms in their pond water. Kendall helps a group find a living organism to look at through the microscope. Aquamarine was the tie dye color for this year and the shirts look great! Dinner for tonight consisted of hamburgers, french fries, baked beans and strawberry cake Say Recess: Football Recess: Volleyball Recess: Basketball Recess: Fun Recess: Basketball Recess: Frisbee Recess: Kickball Recess Recess: Mr. Sieg plays a little kickball. Recess Recess Recess over! DNR Officer Jim Hash talked to the campers about water safety. Officer Hash used the life jacket that Julianna was wearing as an example of one that was too large and stressed the importance of wearing a jacket that fits. Joey wore a Type 3 Inflatable life vest that the DNR officers typically wear. Gabriella modeled a swift water lifejacket. Derek shows a Type 2 float that is best used by throwing it to someone who is in the water. Thanks Officer Hash for taking the time to teach the campers about water safety. The campers sang Happy Birthday to Shayla V. Happy Birthday, Shayla! Mr. Schmidt asked science questions to the group and if they answered correctly they got to get a box of candy, Allison Kyle Chloe S. Devin Sarah Austin Hayley A. Hailey M. Amber Jennifer Aubrey Jaden Chloe Sydney Brenden Camp Idol:Stephanie and Nicole sang Camp Idol: Summer sang Camp Idol: Allison sang Camp Idol: Gabriella sang Camp Idol: Karlie, Chloe, and Jennifer sang Camp Idol: Luke sang Camp Idol: Jordan sang Camp Idol: Braden and Derek sang Camp Idol: Austin sang and entertained the campers. Camp Idol: Austin Camp Idol: Austin Camp Idol: Khloe sang Camp Idol: Madalyn and Brooklyn sang Camp Idol: Ariel sang Camp Idol: Noah sang Camp Idol: Hailey and Sydney sang Camp Idol: Maddie and Hailey sang Camp Idol: DJ Mr.Zink Camp Idol: MC Mr. Walker and DJ Mr. Zink discuss the dance playlist. Due to the rain, the campers got to have a dance at the shelter house. Our NHHS Senior campers showing the 6th graders how to dance. Austin, Kendall, Reagan, Kendra and Cory. Mrs. Smith and her son Cory have some fun and cut a rug. Mr. Walker sings a song for the group.
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