North Harrison Middle School Construction Project

North Harrison Middle School Construction Project

As the construction process to renovate and expand North Harrison Middle School happens we will post some pictures to show the progress being made.

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The Construction Fence has been Added to the Front of NHMS 
in preparation for the new front office entry and start of the new academic wing. P
ictures taken on 2-11-16

Removal of Ceiling Tiles in the Main Hallway of NHMS.
Ceiling tiles and grids are being removed from all of the NHMS mail building in prepartion for the renovation to begin.

The Temporary Tunnel/Walkway Entrance to the NHMS Office
This is the temporary entrance to NHMS Office until the Office is moved into the West buidling. Pictures taken on 2-17-16

Demolition of the Front Porch of NHMS
The bricks have come off the porch walls and the floor of the main porch has been demolished. Pictures taken on 2-17-16

Demolition of the Front Porch of NHMS - 2 Days Later
The bricks are gone and the landscaping has been removed. Pictures taken on 2-19-16

Unearthing the Tunnels and Ground Preparations
The tunnels that ran under the old Annex building are unearthed and filled in while the ground is being prepped for the two story academic wing to be built east of the NHMS library towards NHHS. Pictures taken on 2-19-16

Main Office and Library Moves
The main office and Library were moved to the NHMS west building in preparation for demo of that area. 
 Pictures taken on 3-5-16

The West Building is Now the New Location for the NHMS Office
This is where you will enter to pick up your child from school. 

Guidance and Health Office Moves
The Guidance office and the Heath Office were moved to the west building in preparation for demo over spring break.  Pictures taken on 3-17-16

Groundwork for the New Addition, Demo of Porch and Sidewalks
The crew is making great progress on the groundwork for the new additon.  They are also continuing to demo the front porch area to prepare for the new entry way.  Pictures taken on 3-18-16

Demolition of the Main Office and Library over Spring Break
Demolition of the Main Office and Library began over spring break.  It is hard to recognize the area, especailly with the tractors sitting in what was the library.  Pictures taken on 3-25-16

Demolition of the Guidance Office and Tile Removal of the Rooms Upstairs over Spring Break
The guidance office has been gutted and the glass windows removed in preparation for walls to be added.  For now the office is closed off by a wall of plywood.   Pictures taken on 3-25-16

A New Look for the Hallway and Lobby in the Main Building
One word can describe the new look inside the main hallway and lobby area and that is Plywood.  Pictures taken on 3-25-16

More Demolition of the Front Porch Area over Spring Break
The front porch area is really changing as they are laying the foundation for the new entrance way.  Pictures taken on 3-25-16

Concrete has been Poured for the Foundation of the New Addition
The concrete walls of the new addition foundation show a lot of progress was made over Spring Break. Pictures taken on 3-28-16.

Miscellaneous Construction Pictures of the Demo of Different Areas in the Building
Pictures taken on March 25, 2016

Construction the new Facade of NHMS and Demolition of Walkway
Construction on the front of the NHMS building is underway and demo of sidewalk between the west and main building. Pictures taken on May 31, 2016

Old Windows Removed and New Windows Installed Upstairs Rooms of NHMS
The rooms on the second floor of the main building (7th grade hall) are being removed and new windows installed.  Lots of natural light with the new windows as well as screens to keep the bugs out if they are opened. Pictures taken on June 1, 2016.

Cutting Away Part of the Roof to Prepare for the New Hallway to the New Additon
In order for the new hallway to be built part of the room that covered the back storage area of the NHMS library and back hall behind the library has to be cut before tearing it out. Pictures taken June 1 and June 2, 2016.

Work on the Front of the Building and Walls Going up on New Additon
Plastic covers areas of the front where the pillars were removed and the new addition has walls.  Pictures taken on June 2, 2016.

Demolition of the Offices that were Located in the Guidance Office in the Main Building
The nurses office, old AD office and storage areas had walls removed to make room for new walls and rooms. Pictures taken on June 2, 2016.

More Views of the New Addition and Views of the Newly Installed Windows from the Outside
Pictures take on June 3, 2016

Beams for New Additon Delivered and a New Gravel Walkway Added 
The beams for the new addition were delivered and a new walkway was added so that entry to the courtyard area can be accessed since the walkway has been removed. Picture taken on June 7, 2016

Lots of Work Happening on the New Facade of the Building
The new facade continues to have work done to prepare it for walls to be added.  Gravel was being added to help build up the low spots before concrete can be added. Pictures taken on June 7, 2016.

Old Windows being Removed from the West Side of the Main NHMS Building
Instead of walking the material they remove when removing the windows, they just drop it out of the window and them move to a dumpster. Pictures taken on June 7, 2016.

Miscellaneous Contruction Pictures in NHMS
A few pictures of the removal of windows in Room 9 lab, demo of restrooms outside of the Guidance office, and pictures of the New Additon looking at it from NHHS. Pictures taken on June 8, 2016.

The Builders are Laying New Bricks to the Facade of NHMS
The new bricks are being laid and the front of the facade is starting to show the curve in the design. Window areas can be seen in the new additon. Pictures taken on June 9.

New Windows in the Rooms on the West Side of the Building from Inside and Out
A look at the new windows from the outside and also from the inside. All of the material laying on the ground in the outside pictures is from the demoliton of the art room. Pictures taken on June 10, 2016.

A Look at the Front Facade from Inside the Building and a Work on the New Office Area
The insdie of the building where the main office will be is taking shape as well. Pictures taken on June 10, 2016.

Builders Laying Brick to Close in the Large Windows where the Guidance Office Used to Be
Those beautiful, large windows to the Guidance office are gone and a new brick wall is going up to close in the room in prepartion for the new room. Also some demo pictures of the old Guidance office areas. Pictures taken on June 10, 2016

The First Look at the Inside of the Halls and Rooms of the New Addition
The new addition is looking really good from above and from inside. Wall and window holes are evident and the beams have been added to some of it.

The Facade is Taking Shape
Workers have moved very quickly on the facade of the NHMS building. Pictures taken on June 13, 2016

Removal of the Old Windows and Front Wall in Mrs. Linderman's Classroom
Pictures taken on June 14, 2016

Demo of the Wall Between Mrs. Stephenson and Ms. Tyree's Room and Removal of Debris to the Dumpster
The wall that divided Mrs. Stephenson and Ms. Tyree's Room has to be removed so the hallway from the new additon can be added. Pictures taken on June 15, 2016

Workers Laying Brinks to Fill in the Window Areas in Mrs. Linderman's Classroom and More work on the Facade
The huge hole that was left after the wall and windows were removed from the classroom were quickly filled with bricks. Pictures taken on June 15, 2016

Beams Being Lifted into Place with a Huge Crane and Look at the New Addition from NHHS
Pictures taken on June 15, 2016

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