Book Rental Information

Last Updated: 8/24/2018 1:24 PM
Book Rental and Fees for 2020-2021

Beginning August 1, 2020, online payments will be turned on to accept payments for book rental through
Harmony. Simply log in to your Harmony Parent Access account and look for the online payment area.
Follow the prompts and your approved payment will post within an hour.  You may only enter one transaction at a
time. There will be an access fee of $1.00 automatically be added to each transaction.

Free and reduced applications are also available to complete within Harmony Parent Access. Look for
the free and reduced application and follow the instructions. Paper applications are still available in the
office of each school. You may also print the application and instruction out by clicking on the following two links:
Application Letter and Application

North Harrison Elementary
Updated 8/12/2020




Total Book
Rental & Fees
Kindergarten $114.11
1st Grade $126.98
2nd Grade $101.40
3rd Grade $116.57
4th Grade $130.93
5th Grade


Morgan Elementary
             Updated 8/12/2020             



Total Book
Rental & Fees

Total Book
Rental & Fees Free/Reduced

Kindergarten $129.28 $55.17
1st Grade $125.46 $46.55
2nd Grade $105.38 $46.55
3rd Grade $117.45 $48.95
4th Grade $131.81 $48.95
5th Grade $136.16 $50.03



**High School/Middle School book rental and fees based upon each students own schedule of courses and activities.**

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