New Student Enrollment for Middle School

If you are a new student and need to begin enrollment...

  • Create a Harmony account from the button above

  • Select add new student and complete the required information

  • The selected school(s) will contact you with further instructions regarding enrollment

Information that will be needed for enrollment in the school corporation:

  • Proof of residency within the North Harrison School Corporation District

  • A copy of the student's birth certificate is required

  • Immunization verification

  • Address, voice/fax numbers, and transcript from the school that the student is withdrawing from at the time of enrollment at North Harrison School Corporation

  • Grades at the time of withdrawal from the previous school if transferring while school is in session

  • If the student is receiving special services, any paperwork would be helpful to us for class placement.

  • In cases of divorce or separation, custodial papers signed by a judge noting legal guardianship of the student

Transcript, Discipline and Attendance from previous school is required for review if you are not in the North Harrison Community Schools district. 

Welcome to North Harrison Community Schools we are glad you are here!